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Custom Scratch Off Cards

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Looking to brand your business in a unique way? Our Custom Scratch Off Cards are the perfect way to help you gain sales while being fun and exciting for your customers.

These cards are designed custom to your brand. You can add your logo or business name and any text, social media handles, etc.

-Printed on 14 pt cardstock

-Aqueous Coating for quantities under 1,000 (Quantities 1,000 and over will be UV Coated - no extra charge)

-Choose One Sided Printing or Two Sided Printing

-Custom designed 

-The scratch off part of the card is silver glitter,1 inch circle shaped. One circle per card. 

Anything you want! But most people include the following:
-A discount code that is revealed after scratching off the circle that includes a percentage off their next order (Example: 10% OFF), a dollar amount off, free shipping, or a free gift with their next purchase.
-Instructions on how to redeem the prize
-Your contact information (website, social media, email, etc)

-All cards in your order must have the same design. Example: Say you order 100 bu cards. You can't split the order and have 50 of them with one discount code and 50 with a different discount code. They must be the exact same. The correct way to order in a case like this is to add 50 cards to your cart and then add another 50 cards to your cart so that there are 2 separate sets. Each change in design requires new files to be made. So for each different design you must order the exact quantity needed for that setup.

-Price does not include a logo design (If you do not have a logo, you may purchase one or business name will be text only) You can use a logo you already have designed. Must be in a usable format such as pdf, eps, ai, high res jpg or png file.

-Proofs will be emailed to you. This pricing does NOT include the digital files. If you need to purchase the digital design files, you must purchase separately (see Digital Files category)

-Color shown on screen in proof emailed to you may vary from actual printed color. This is to do with screen settings on your phone, computer etc. and the print process.


To order, add to cart and check out. After completing the purchase, click on the FORMS category and click the link to the Design Info Sheet. You can upload your logo, idea sketch, colors and any other details about how you want your item designed to that info sheet.